Smarty Bikes

About me

French e-mobility enthusiast, I joined two forums where I have been an active member for more than eight years now, with a specific focus on niche products like electric unicycles and self-balancing scooters. 

The user community has widely appreciated my contributions, where I provide advice and assistance in resolving technical or customer service-related issues. 

Additionally, I share the latest news on these niche products, with a particular interest in leaking details about the arrival of new products. 

Concurrently, having spent five years as a blogger-reviewer with "Mini - J," my old website (born in 2016) dedicated to Segway Ninebot self-balancing scooters, it had received more than 75K enthusiasts-visitors from more than 160 countries.

Since 2021, I shifted my focus to electric bikes, conducting a detailed review of the Himo Z20. 

In the dynamic world of smart ebikes, I am thrilled to share that I've launched my new website about smart ebikes, "Smarty Bikes." 

Passionate, I curate content focused on smart ebikes equipped with the latest technologies, with a special emphasis on their design. 

I look forward to contributing to the discourse on cutting-edge smart bike technologies while maintaining a deep respect for my audience's trust!

Joris aka Jojo33 aka Mini-J