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CHORD by Urtopia

March 28, 2023

Release Year : 2023

One year after unveiling its state-of-the-art carbon smart e-bike with a captivating design, a new model, the CHORD, was launched on March 6th, 2023. 

This model, previously showcased at German shows, is currently available for purchase.

Following the current trend of being minimalist yet superbly designed, the CHORD features a frame made of 6061 aluminum with spectacular finishes. 

The frame is forged using liquid manufacturing technology, eliminating visible welds. The touch is perfectly fluid! Inspired by the piano in its design, the CHORD is more equipped than the Carbon model, including mudguards and front and rear luggage racks. 

It retains all the technology of the first model, such as its astonishing smartbar, fingerprint sensor, rear anti-collision radar, lighthouse projections on the ground, SIM card, integrated GPS, Bluetooth, and voice control. Not to be overlooked are the accelerometer, gyroscope, and torque sensor.

In terms of specifications, it's a lightweight bike at 21 kg, equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano 8 speeds, four assistance modes with a 250W motor, a removable 360Wh battery, and an autonomy of approximately 70 km in assistance mode (ideal for city commuting). 

The 45Nm torque sensor complements the 700C tires.

Regarding the price of the CHORD, one must consider its technological equipment and refined frame. It surpasses most renowned competitors with an affordable price, offering a two-year legal guarantee and responsive, reliable customer support. 

An interesting anecdote: the CEO personally addressed the customers of the first production of the carbon series last year to resolve the few technical issues encountered. 

As a reminder, the success of the Indiegogo campaign enabled the production of the Carbon model. Since then, New Urtopia has enhanced and optimized the finishes of this first model to introduce a new type of bike.

If you're anything like me, I always seek out the user's manual to discover more information and details about the true potential of a machine...

Photo credit: Urtopia
Photo credit: Urtopia

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My thanks to URTOPIA for their courtesy in allowing me to use their photos.

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