January 10, 2024

Urtopia presented two new models of smart bikes, the FUSION and the CARBON 1 PRO, at CES 2024. Two major developments have been associated with these models: the integration of AI and a smart ring that enables interaction with the smart bikes without using the application on one's phone.

By retaining most of the existing technologies, the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into the smart bike propels us into the near future.

A design rooted in its origins...

When two philosophies encounter the most intricate materials and advanced technologies, a harmonious blend of engineering and art emerges.

Urtopia has two designers: one draws the source of his inspiration from mathematics through the Möbius Strip, while the second draws inspiration from Tai Chi for its spiritual dimension and the manipulation of energy.

Smartbar features

Urtopia's e-bike, equipped with integrated smart technology, possesses a cognitive awareness and decision-making capacity akin to human cognition. This dynamic intelligence ushers in a new era, transforming bikes into advanced companions. The symbiotic connection between rider and machine reaches a profoundly intuitive level, as man and technology unite in their shared mission of exploration.

For both models, the Fusion and the Carbon 1 Pro, the features of the smartbar are identical.

The Smartbar comes equipped with a range of features to enhance your biking experience, including voice control, fingerprint start, LED dot-matrix display, haptic interaction, Bluetooth music capabilities, built-in navigation, and over-the-air (OTA) upgrade functionality.

In terms of connectivity, the Smartbar incorporates an eSIM with 4G support, Bluetooth, and WiFi, along with GPS for comprehensive navigation capabilities.

The inclusion of IoT sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, and a proprietary torque sensor sets the Smartbar apart. Unlike jerky cadence sensing, the torque sensor enables super-fast speed adaptation, ensuring a smoother riding experience.

The Smartbar's dedicated app, compatible with both iOS and Android, allows users to capture their journeys and create lasting memories. Details like routes, speed, and calories burned are all recorded, and users can easily share their rides, photos, and stories with the Urtopia community directly through the app.

Additionally, the Smartbar features an integrated headlight and ARES (Advanced Rear Early Indication System). The ARES system includes a bright-red position light and a pair of projection lights to indicate turns, enhancing safety and visibility during rides.


Renowned designer Hartmut Esslinger, famous for his iconic collaborations with Apple and Frog Design, has applied his expertise to craft Fusion. Witness the seamless integration of sleek design and state-of-the-art technology, as Esslinger's visionary touch elevates the riding experience to unparalleled heights.

Works on FUSION by Hartmut Esslinger

Works inspired from Tai Chi

Photo credit: Urtopia

FUSION General specs :


Up to 200 km - 124 miles

Two batteries

The FUSION's battery setup includes a 529.2 Wh, 21700 Samsung Li-ion main battery with a 4-hour quick charge capability. Additionally, a 360 Wh Samsung Li-ion removable range extender with a 2.5-hour quick charge option is available.

Two motors

Urtopia FUSION showcases a powerful Middenmotor (Bafang) with a 36V 250W motor, delivering an impressive 95Nm of torque for a robust and dynamic riding experience. 

The customized rear hub motor, rated at 36V 350W and 42N·m, contributes to the bike's overall performance.


Constructed from durable aluminum alloy, the bike incorporates a 100mm travel air suspension fork, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride with effective shock absorption. The seat post options include an aluminum seat post or an SR Suntour NCX Suspension.

A Light e-SUV

Weighing in at a starting point of 23 kg (50 lbs), the FUSION is designed to accommodate a total maximum load of 150 kg (330 lbs).

Everything in safety

The braking system offers options, featuring TEKTRO HD-M280 disc brakes or Magura MT4 eSTOP disc brakes, providing reliable and responsive stopping power.

For transmission, riders can choose between a Shimano CUES U6000 1X10 Speed or an Enviolo Heavy Duty (Ratio 380%) system, allowing for a smooth and efficient ride.

The drive train includes a KMC e10 Turbo chain or Gates CDX carbon belt.

The 28-inch wheels, paired with Schwalbe Big Apple 55-622 (28X2.15) tires, contribute to a comfortable and stable ride.

"One for all, all in one"

With a one-size-fits-all frame crafted from lightweight carbon fiber, the bike is suitable for individuals ranging from 160 cm to 190 cm in height.

Furthermore, the Fusion model comes in two variants, offering riders a choice between the standard Fusion and the Fusion CVT, catering to different preferences and riding needs.

Urtopia FUSION is available in three colors: Blazing Black, Elegant Grey, and Vital Orange.

FUSION by Urtopia wins the CES 2024 INNOVATION AWARD


The designer is enhancing the Carbon 1 and 1s models with the new Carbon 1 Pro, incorporating features such as interchangeable front fork and seat post for DIY upgrades, relocated battery for better weather protection, and versatile tires suitable for both off-road adventures and urban commutes.

Mathis Heller, formerly a designer for BMW and Siemens, drew inspiration from the Möbius strip to create a striking frame shape for his latest project. This design not only captures aesthetics but also symbolizes sustainability and interconnectedness.

CARBON 1 PRO General specs :

Photo credit: Urtopia

The CARBON 1 PRO, with a weight of 16 Kg - 37 lbs, offers a load-bearing capacity of up to 109 Kg - 240 lbs, making it a sturdy and reliable choice for various riders.

Available in small, medium, and large sizes and two colors : creme or matte black. The bike's carbon fiber construction for the frame and fork ensures a lightweight yet durable build.

CARBON 1 PRO has a range of 60-128 km / 37-80 miles, and its 352.8Wh Samsung Li-ion removable battery allows riders to cover up to 128 km - 80 miles after a 2.5-hour charge, providing ample energy for extended journeys.

With 700C wheels and 700 x 40C tires, the CARBON 1 PRO provides a comfortable and stable ride on different terrains. 

The Shimano HG71 chain and a 31.6mm aluminum seat post contribute to the overall durability and comfort of the bike. Powered by a customized rear hub motor rated at 36V 350W and 42N·m, the CARBON 1 PRO offers a dynamic and efficient riding experience.

Equipped with TEKTRO HD-M280 hydraulic disc brakes, the CARBON 1 PRO delivers reliable and responsive stopping power for enhanced safety.

Featuring a Shimano ACERA 8-Speed rear derailleur for smooth transmission, the bike is designed for efficient and versatile riding experiences.

The StVZO customized headlight ensures visibility in various lighting conditions, enhancing safety during rides.

Carbon 1 Pro v.s. Carbon 1s

Performance enhancements of Carbon 1 Pro compared to the previous Carbon series product, Carbon 1s.


Carbon 1 Pro

Shimano 8-Speed Rear Drivetrain

25% More Torque

Carbon 1s

Shimano 7-Speed Rear Drivetrain


Carbon 1 Pro

Up to 80 miles 128 km

Carbon 1s

Up to 60 miles - 100 km

Carbon Fiber

Carbon 1 Pro

Toray™ Carbon Fiber

(Top-tier carbon fiber for racing)

Carbon 1s

High quality Carbon Fiber

Bike Frame

Carbon 1 Pro

Progressive Frame Geometry

15% Stability Boost 20% Aerodynamic Gain

Carbon 1s

Carbon 1 Frame


Carbon 1 Pro

Adjustable Height

Carbon 1s

Non-Adjustable Height


Carbon 1 Pro

Compatible with Suspension Fork

Carbon 1s

Not Compatible with Suspension Fork

Accessories Assembly

Carbon 1 Pro

Easier Assembly More Accessory 

Mounting Points

 (10 more mounting point for more accessories than Carbon 1S)

Carbon 1s

Normal Assembly

Removable Battery

Carbon 1 Pro

Down Tube

Bottom-mounted Battery (

Avoiding water issue)

Carbon 1s

Down Tube

 Top-mounted Battery


Carbon 1 Pro

Metal Pedals

Carbon 1s

Plastic Pedals


Carbon 1 Pro

700 X 40C Wider Tires

Carbon 1s

700 X 35C

Where to Ride

Carbon 1 Pro

Gravel, Trail, City, Mountain Road

Carbon 1s

Trail, City

Accessories Included

Carbon 1 Pro Kickstand, Fenders - 1-Year Connect Service Included

Carbon 1s 1-Year Connect Service Included

Photo credit: Urtopia

More details by visiting Urtopia website

My thanks to URTOPIA for their courtesy in allowing me to use their photos.

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