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March 23, 2024

Tenways CGO009

Sporting a sleek design, this Tenways CGO009 joins the latest wave of "chic" commuter smart ebikes, akin to the Birdbike A-Frame, VanMoof S5, Smalo LX2, and Lemmo One MK2.

Birdbike A-Frame

VanMoof S5

Smalo LX2

Lemmo One MK2

The Tenways CGO009 doesn't offer much beyond the ordinary. Its steep price tag isn't reflected in its tech features, especially when compared to models with a similar vibe. It wouldn't shock me to see a Pro version roll out soon, packing a punch with upgraded specs.

It's a classic move: debut a no-frills smart ebike, then follow up with a souped-up edition (think Urtopia Carbon & Carbon Pro, or Ado Air 28 & 28 Pro).

Beyond the Selle Royal saddle boasting Royalgel™ tech, an LG battery, and Tektro hydraulic brakes, the bike's parts are tailor-made: from the motor to the 55mm tires. 

Touted as minimalist, this 2024 model tips the scales at a hefty 23 kg, fully loaded with fenders and a rack.

Its build sticks to the tried-and-true: a seamless forged aluminum frame, 

Photo credit: TENWAYS

The cruiser-style handlebar's ergonomics might nod to Vanmoof's S5 or reflect the distinctive Dutch bike design. But a heads-up: navigating with a curved Dutch-style handlebar requires a deft touch.

LG removable battery

Photo credit: TENWAYS

Front headlight integrated into the tube

The integrated rear light lacks STVZO certification—it's the mudguard tail light that's certified, running on operated batteries.

A respectable max range of 52 miles - 85 km, and a custom motor capped at 374 wh delivering 45Nm of torque.

Speaking of torque, 45 Nm is now the baseline for commuter bikes. This level of grunt makes hill climbs a breeze.

Photo credit: TENWAYS

The Carbon Gate belt drive system has become a staple for commuter models.

As for the dashboard, it's gone. Your smartphone steps in as the display, which is great for avoiding screen damage or if you prefer not to use a phone. The downside? Misplacing your phone, screen breaks, or a dead battery could leave you high and dry, unable to tap into the bike's full potential at crucial moments. An external USB-C charging port would've been a smart add-on.

Remember, without a built-in display, mounting your phone front and center on the handlebars can be a safety gamble.

Tenways opted for a screenless interface, distilled down to two modules, one with LED-lit. It's a throwback to a decade ago when electric bikes first hit the streets without screens.

The basic controls cover battery status, assist modes, boost function, headlight operation, and error codes, each indicated by a unique LED pattern. These can sync up with your phone through an app.

But getting a read on the battery's actual juice, assistance levels, or deciphering those 7 LED-coded error messages can be a chore (Motor overheat protection / Controller undervoltage / Controller overvoltage / Motor hall signal fault / Motor phase wire fault / Controller overcurrent / Controller communication fault).

Photo credit: TENWAYS

A detachable Bluetooth module on the right side of the handlebar.

The bike's core tech is housed within the top tube called "Smart Connect Module" (bike locating, motion detection and notice zone function)

Left handlebar Button panel module :  Up or Down buttons to switch e-bike assistance modes, which are classified into PAS 0 to PAS 3

Right handelbar Dash control module : Battery level - PAS levels - Assisted pushing - Headlight on/off - Error codes

Battery percentage indicators: Lower than 10%–The first power indicator blinks. 10%-29%–The first power indicator remains lit. 30%-74%–The first and second power indicators remain lit. 75%-100%–The three power indicators remain lit.

The spec sheet is mum on the full sensor suite, leaving us guessing how it processes and relays movement alerts with just Bluetooth. Given Bluetooth's limited range, there's likely a gyroscope and possibly an eSIM tucked away, (Tenways says "Your CGO009 will come with 3 years of Live Data Communication service for FREE, giving you full access to all smart features.") though they're not listed...

CGO009 Specifications

Release Year : 2024

6061 Aluminium Frame

Gates CDX Crankset

Single Speed Drivetrain
Gates CDN Carbon Belt

Front Fork
6061 Aluminium Front Fork

TENWAYS Customized Tires

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Bottom Bracket
Fully-concealed Bottom Bracket

TENWAYS C9 Hub Motor 250W Power

Vector Sine Wave Controller

Torque Sensor 45 Nm

Minimalist Dash Control
TENWAYS Display with Boost Function

374 Wh (36V, 10.4Ah) Lithium-ion Battery with LG Cells

Smart Connect
Connect via TENWAYS APP

Top Speed
25 km/h - 15 mph

Up to 85 km - 52 miles

Climbing Ability
Suitable for moderate urban slopes

Net weight: 21 kg - 46 lbs
Full weight: 23 kg - 50 lbs (including all accessories)
Permissible Max. Weight: 145 kg - 319 lbs

Selle Royal Saddle

Effective top tube A 634 mm - Seat tube length B 573 mm - Head tube C 150 mm - Steering angle D 68.5 mm - Seat tube angle E 71.7 mm - Chainstay F 474 mm - Wheelbase G 1172.9 mm - Standover H 852 mm

Photo credit: TENWAYS

CGO009 app basics features

Live data, navigation and help center

Photo credit: TENWAYS

To wrap things up...

With its basic functionalities, Tenways does not reveal the essential components of this smart e-bike. In fact, we know nothing about the power supply of the Bluetooth module or even the existence of an e-SIM, despite revealing clues. Similarly, there is a probable presence of a gyroscopic sensor. Is this deliberate, or is this new model not yet definitively equipped?

While its strong points lie in a nice choice of color, an impeccable finish, and contemporary hardware equipment (Carbon Gate, Tektro, Selle Royal), these features alone are not sufficient. Spare parts may be difficult to obtain, as they do not appear in the Tenways shop.

Regrettably, when compared to other existing brands, the CGO009 falls short in terms of on-board technologies and intelligent features.

J.V Mini-J

My thanks to TENWAYS for their courtesy in allowing me to use their photos.

More details by visiting TENWAYS website

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