February 09, 2024

"Into the Wild !"

Sure to appeal to bikepackers, Fiido's Titan, weighing 37 kg (81 lbs), is an e-SUV where adventure takes center stage. Its power allows for a maximum load of 160 kg (352 lbs) (or 200 kg (440 lbs) when considering the weight of the bike).

The technical sheet specifies that the rear rack can carry up to 80 kg (176 lbs) and the saddle 120 kg (264 lbs), deducting the bike's weight of 37 kg (81 lbs), which brings the rider's weight to 80 kg (176 lbs) as mentioned in their road tests. Road tests were based on a rider weighing 80 kg at an outdoor temperature of 32°C (89°F). 

32°C is the ideal temperature for optimal battery usage and consequently good autonomy. Summer is the season to prioritize to fully benefit from the capacity offered by the Titan.

The assisted mode range can reach 400 km (248 miles) with a kit of two additional batteries (their weight is unknown).

Its rear motor ( none of the brands were mentioned) delivers 1130W in peak and 750W in sustained power. 

There are five pedal assistance modes: 

from Eco at 19 km/h (12 mph) for 135 km (84 miles) of range to Turbo+ at 24 km/h (15 mph) for 70 km (43 miles). 

Additionally, with the possibility of unlocking the speed, the Titan switches to throttle or speed bike mode, imposing but lifesaving on long, linear journeys. The preset throttle mode reaches a speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) for a range of 60 km (37 miles), and after being unlocked, it reaches a speed of 31 km/h (19.4 mph) for a range of 40 km.

These initial specifications are already enticing for many adventurers!

Photo credit: FIIDO

Photo credit: FIIDO

The FIIDO Titan is very affordable since it is composed of "exotic" or custom elements branded by the company. They will be difficult to obtain outside of the official website, which offers about fifty spare parts for this model. So, if you are considering purchasing it, take the opportunity to order inner tubes, tires, model-specific brake pads, and spare parts.

Photo credit: FIIDO

In terms of technology, the bike is connectable via Bluetooth to the application; battery unlocking, thus ebike, is done either by an access code entered on the IPS display or by the application. The functionalities of the FIIDO application not only allow locking and unlocking the Titan but also knowing its route, battery level, exchanging with other users...

Despite its weight, comfort lies in its 26"*4" fat bike tires and a front fork travel of 60mm.

Regarding safety, the Titan is equipped with Dyisland 4-piston hydraulic brakes, with larger discs (203×2.3mm) and pads. Dyisland is a brand of hydraulic brakes appreciated by DIY enthusiasts of kickscooters, motocross, for its quality/price ratio.

Regarding transmission: the gear lever and the 9-SPEED rear derailleur (SHIMANO HG-COMPATIBLE) are from the S RIDE brand.

Titan's features :

Safety :

Four-piston hydraulic brakes, combined with thicker and larger brake discs (203×2.3mm), make braking more confident and safer. 

One-piece wheel design avoiding regular inspection and replacement of spokes. 

26"*4" fat tire design, suitable for all-terrain riding such as sand, gravel, snow, etc. 

UL2849 certified

Technologies :

Fiido’s exclusive full-color IPS center-mounted display, with an IP67 rating, and a backlight button for nights and wet weather.

Keyless battery lock via Fiido APP or passcode. 

Exclusive Fiido handlebar buttons allow riders to access most function settings directly from the handlebar. 

Fiido’s exclusive torque sensing algorithm for cargo bikes. 

Performance :

750W motor, adjustable 3-mode/5-mode auxiliary settings. 

Unlockable top speed up to 28 mph (45 km/h). 

A 9-speed gearbox and hydraulic shock absorbers inject confidence into any adventure scene. 

Unique battery rack supports up to 400 kilometers (248 miles) range. 

Structure :

Velo™ saddle custom-designed for cargo bikes. 

Integrated frame rear rack design, with strong accessory expandability.

Titan's specifications

Release Year : 2023



size(long*wide*tall) in mm


tire size(inch) 


Saddle Height (mm) 


Seat tube (mm) 


Top Tube Length 


Stack (mm) 


Reach (mm) 


Head tube (mm) 




Standover Height (mm) 


weight (kg) 


max payload (kg)


Rider's age 


Rider's tall 

155cm(5.0') - 200cm(6.5')

Frame Material 


Front Shock 

Hydraulic with 60mm travel

Mode Power


Motor Rear hub 

750W Toothed Brushless

PAS Levels 


Preset Max Speed

15.5MPH (25km/h)

Max Speed after unlocked

28MPH (45km/h)

Single Battery Range


Trible Battery Range


Drive Ratio 42T:


Operating Temp

 -10°C ~50°C

IP Rating (whole bike)


IP Rating (display)


Lights Front + Rear




handlebar size

rider's height

In conclusion:

I wanted to publish this page on the FIIDO Titan since it belongs to and seems to be a precursor to the category of high-autonomy e-SUVs. We are seeing the arrival of dual batteries from some brands (NIU, URTOPIA...) and dual motors. With three batteries, in my opinion, what the TITAN lacks is a mid-drive motor in addition to the rear motor.

I would not recommend purchasing this "Titanesque" smart ebike; the features related to its connectivity to the application are very limited. Its strong point lies in the various battery locking possibilities and, of course, its trekking/outdoor performances are appealing. There are no additional protections against saddle theft or external battery theft. In terms of connectivity, apart from Bluetooth, unfortunately, it is not equipped with an eSIM (it will be difficult to locate) or a gyroscopic sensor that could have had several uses (alerts on bike movement and support for the torque sensor).

The one-year warranty promised by FIIDO is not sufficient. Yet, its affordable price could benefit very mechanical users, very comfortable with bike mechanics. Knowing FIIDO's reputation for a few years, I have no doubt about the quality of customer support and responsiveness in case of problems.

Still, I find it to be an interesting e-SUV, as it comes with three batteries and great potential for travelers. It is not impossible to make the Titan smarter by adding a rear microwaves radar, a smartphone holder for interaction with an AI application, or adding an AirTag to locate it, for example.

The Titan is a good ebike for resourceful adventurers.


My thanks to FIIDO for their courtesy in allowing me to use their photos.

More details by visiting FIIDO website

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