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February 14, 2024

Can one be visionary today over such a short period as the last five years? Before the COVID crisis and after? The electric bike sector is evolving fantastically fast, as are the associated technologies. Is a smart ebike designed five years ago still relevant today? Should it fall into the abyss of niche products with few buyers, or does it deserve to be upgraded with current technologies? In the case of the Rayvolt Torino, I would lean towards a well-deserved upgrade.

Introduced in Barcelona in 2019, along with two other models, the Ambassador and the Cruzer, the Rayvolt range drew inspiration from the sturdy lines that determined the success of early 19th-century American Indian motorcycle models or 1970s Californian Beach Cruiser bicycles with wide tires.

Just for the pleasure of the eyes...

The unique curve of the Rayvolt Torino evokes the vision of a young bull. The integration of leather elements, (even if I am not a fan of leather), truly makes the Torino attractive for retro ebike enthusiasts.

The Torino is therefore a fat speed ebike with avant-garde (cutting-edge) technology for 2019: a gyroscope system accompanying a torque and pedaling sensor, regenerative rear pedaling, thumb throttle, and Bluetooth connection to an application. Samsung batteries nestled in the frame in a very aesthetic and ingenious way in 2019. Technologies have evolved up to today with the Beachin, Cruzer Chopper, and X One models.

Photo credit: RAYVOLT

Notably, when looking at the Rayvolt shop in Taiwan, a major asset that reconciles retro looks with current environmental concerns is the possibility of equipping oneself with a solar battery charger!

Photo credit: RAYVOLT

Torino's features :

EIVA Software

360 vehicle condition instrument display: vehicle condition, battery and other basic information - Bluetooth - iPas Intelligent Pedaling Assist - Cloud technical customer service - play music - riding map

Intelligent Pedal Assist

With multiple choices power assistance with gyroscope hill detection Motor aid self adjusts.

Dual Sensor Crank Set

The Electronic Crank comes fitted with a Load Cell, which measures both the Torque applied to the pedal and the crank rotary speed. A Controller then computes these two values, and with a smart algorithm, provides perfectly smooth power based on muscle activity.


Smart Hub 200W - 400W. (25km/h, 15.5 Mile/h)

Brushless three phase DC motor - Outer perimeter copper coils and magnets - Built in high speed controller

Power Hub 250W - 1000W. (43 km/h, 27 Mile/h)

Brushless three phase DC motor - Outer perimeter copper coils and magnets - Built in high speed controller - Improved torque and response - More acceleration.


Standard battery SAMSUNG Li-ion 48V-10.5A Hour

Uses 4 cells in parallel - 52 cells in total. The standard range is up to 25 miles, depending on rider style and terrain.

Upgrade battery SAMSUNG Li-ion Dual 48V-19.5A Hour

Uses 8 cells in parallel - 104 Cells in total. This can give up to 50 miles range, depending on rider style and terrain.

Photo credit: RAYVOLT TW

Foldable solar charger

Single battery charges 7% per hour/battery charges 15% per hour

Lithium battery charger (standard):

54.6V, 4A, single charging time 3 hours (for indoor use, do not pry open the structure).

Lithium battery charger (fast):

54.6V, 8A, single charging time is 1 hour (for indoor use, do not pry open the structure).

Torino's specifications

Photo credit: RAYVOLT

Pearl White

Graphene Grey

Electric Green


30 kg


Rayvolt Aluminum 6061


1770 x 1050 x 680 mm

Battery Cover:

Removable Composite Shell Covered by Leather


Rayvolt Custom Leather Grips


Rayvolt Deluxe Genuine Leather


Rayvolt Oil Disk Brakes with

E-Regenerative 10A-50A


Rayvolt Two pieces Crankset


Flat Rayvolt Pedals


KMC Silver Chain


80 mm Wide


26 inches x 3.0


25 km/h (15.5 mph)  40 km/h (25 mph)


Smart Battery 

Samsung Li-ion Removable 48V 10.5Ah

Range of 60 km 37 miles

Charging time

 2,5 hours

Dual Battery

Samsung Li-ion Removable 48V 21Ah

Range 80 km 49 miles

Charging time

3 hours

Motor & Torque

Smart hub motor 250W, 50Nm

Power hub motor 250W, 100Nm

Vehicle speed control:

PAS (Pedal Assist System)

Thumb Throttle

Torque Sensor (optional)

E-Drive System:

Rayvolt EIVA® Drive

A 1770 mm - B 1110 mm - C 280 mm - D 1050 mm - E 570 mm - F 1000 mm - G 25º - H 230 mm - I 680 mm

Torino riding ergonomics views...

Photo credit: RAYVOLT


The Torino is a niche model, and one can truly question its ergonomics and impact on everyday driving comfort, but it is enough to satisfy enthusiasts of another era. The components are customized in the name of the brand, making it difficult to assess the actual quality of the e-bike; the brand of the hydraulic brakes or the motor is unknown. The application offers intelligent control of bike parameters; however, it is limited by the design of the 2019 Torino and is better suited to newer models.

J.V Mini-J

My thanks to RAYVOLT for their courtesy in allowing me to use their photos.

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