January 21, 2024

A Fusion of Intelligence and Innovation

SMALO is a contraction of Smart and Vélo (bike). At the moment, the SMALO brand is only available in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan, of course, since the brand originates from this country.

Photo credit: SMALO by BESV

BESV introduced, through its new branch SMALO, the "SMALO PX2", a smart foldable ebike,  an intelligent electric bicycle seamlessly integrating an advanced "AI-driven propulsion system" and cutting-edge "IoT technology." Through the intuitive "BESV Smart Plus" application, users gain full control over the bike's features, from GPS monitoring and remote battery management to route planning, ride data recording, and assistance power adjustment.

The SMALO PX2 is the second generation adding a smart mode and an auto-shifting, this time intended for the Western market, of BESV's 20" folding bikes.

Incorporating AI assistance, the PX2 follows in the footsteps of BESV's models, which achieved success through their award-winning design at the 2014 Good Design Award BEST100. 

The PS1, PSA1, and PSF1 models were already equipped with algorithms.

The PX2 is heavier than the previous range, transitioning from a 17.4kg carbon frame to a 21.4kg aluminum frame.

It must be acknowledged that these initial BESV models that emerged in 2014 feature advanced technology compared to folding electric bikes of the past decade.

These models, still relevant today, are truly fabulous.


The PX2, characterized by its compact design and 20-inch tires, boasts a removable battery for added convenience. Equipped with front and rear suspension, it excels in absorbing road vibrations, making it an optimal choice for urban riding, particularly in bustling city centers.

The PX2 stands out with its AI-assist control, ensuring consistently optimal performance. Operating in a user-friendly smart mode, this feature enhances the overall riding experience, emphasizing both convenience and efficiency. Smalo's PX2 is a perfect fusion of advanced technology and user-centric design.

In the IoT realm, users can leverage Bluetooth connectivity to the dedicated application, enabling wireless firmware updates and customizable settings. The integrated GPS system provides precise location tracking, offering a layer of security in case of theft.

With a USB port (Type-C), the display also enables the supply of power to other modules. The display's wireless connectivity enhances the overall user experience.

Photo credit: SMALO by BESV

Smart Mode is activated by a simple button click, designed to synergize seamlessly with a torque sensor for a powerful cycling experience.

The minimalist display is perfectly integrated into the handlebar, and the curvature of the screen along with its finish are remarkable.

Equipped with an auto light (300Lumen/27Lux) using a photosensitive sensor.

Removable battery

The E-Lock, positioned on the rear wheel, offers app-based unlocking with a manual PIN code option. Activating the E-Lock triggers a sound warning upon detecting vibrations or bike motions, serving as an effective deterrent against theft.

PX2 Specifications

Release Year : 2023

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Midnight Black, Artic White

Wheel size


Rider’s height



46.4 lb


1535 x 620 x 1060 mm

Battery range

22-50 miles autonomy

Removable for servicing

Charging time

80% charge in 2h5min

Full charge in 3h20min




Front fork RST CAPA 20 /50mm Travel

Rear suspension Kindshock A5-RE /48mm Travel


CST C1854; 20*1.95


Shimano MT200


Shimano Altus 7 speed

Front light

Custom built-in 380 Lumen LED


620 mm


Custom built-in e-lock




4A charger


250W rear motor


Torque sensor

Power drive system

Smalo AI Drive System

Assist mode

Smart Mode


Built-in display with USB-C port and connectivity Bluetooth low energy

Mobile app

Smalo app for iOS 16.0, Andriod 7.0 or later


VELO VL-4333

Photo credit: SMALO by BESV

SMALO app features

Route Planning:

Set the destination on the map and display the best route. The route includes a visual representation of the possible range of assisted driving based on the remaining battery level, displayed in different colors. This feature provides real-time weather information to enable users to plan their cycling with complete preparation.

Assisted Driving Distance Prediction:

The system learns user battery consumption patterns from past driving records. It displays the remaining battery power on the route in different colors, indicating the distance that can be traveled. A charging reminder notifies users of the optimal charging timing to prevent unexpected battery depletion.


While driving, the dashboard displays essential information in a simple and intuitive manner. In addition to the speedometer, two parameters can be simultaneously displayed, enhancing the user's awareness and experience.

Driving Data Recording/Aggregation:

Various built-in sensors record detailed activity such as travel time and calories burned. This data can be aggregated and reviewed for each period, providing users with valuable insights into their cycling activities.

E-Lock/Digital Key:

Unlock bike's e-lock with a simple tap on the app or manually unlock it using the set passcode.

Bike Alarm:

Even in crowded bicycle parking lots, users can tap the app to notify the bike's location with an alarm. This feature enhances security and helps locate the bike quickly.

Anti-Theft Alert:

When the E-Lock is activated, any unauthorized movement triggers an alarm and sends a notification to the user's app. This anti-theft alert can be customized to meet user preferences.

Bike Location Information:

With a GPS function, users can check the exact location of their bike at any time. The option to toggle this function on/off adds flexibility and privacy to the bike tracking feature.

Bike Management:

The application allows users to register multiple bikes simultaneously. Each bike model, such as the sporty and luxurious LX2 or the active and light PX2, can be easily connected by tapping on the desired bike.

Self Error Diagnosis Function:

The system performs a thorough scan of the bike's electrical components to identify errors. This feature aids in locating faulty areas and streamlines inspections, contributing to the overall safety of bike usage.

To wrap things up...

The SMALO PX2 is a true gem, a culmination of cutting-edge technologies, with a compact and thoughtful design. Its appealing curves, coupled with suspension, promise a highly enjoyable driving experience. However, its weight is not an advantage; a carbon frame, similar to its PSF1 counterpart, would have been better suited for daily transportation purposes...

J.V Mini-J

My thanks to SMALO for their courtesy in allowing me to use their photos.

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SMALO - BESV - smalo px2 - smalo ia  - ia ebikes - ps1 - psa1 - psf1 - gps tracking bike - secuity - anti theft