Carbon 1 & 1S

Urtopia Carbon 1 & 1S

January 27, 2022

Whatever machine you're riding, I'm always impressed by the concentration of technology that drives it.

This technology, typically reserved for niche products and communities such as electric unicycles, kickscooters, or Segway Ninebot gyropods, is, however, quite accessible in terms of price.

Worldwide, legislations and imposed limits concerning our right to circulate on public roads have abruptly halted the democratization and rise of these machines in our countries.

If there is indeed a significant winner between these legislations and the current pandemic, it is the surge of two electric wheels. In my country, there is even a bonus for the purchase of electric mopeds, electric motorbikes, and, most notably, electric bikes.

However, when I compare the cost of EUC technology or Segways with an electric bike, I always wonder why electric bikes are just as expensive, if not more, than our machines, despite being produced in large quantities.

The price of electric bikes increases rapidly depending on the battery capacity, motor power (which also increases the bike's weight), autonomy, and technological additions such as a GPS tracker.

I remain passionate about my Segway Ninebot gyropod (the MINI "S"PLUS with 35km of autonomy and a follow-me system). It's almost five years old now, with a mileage of 12,354 miles/19,882 kilometers. Its LG battery lasted four years, but I've noticed a decrease in autonomy as it aged.

As I'm not proficient at riding a unicycle, I turned to electric bikes since I can't afford an electric moped or motorcycle. I own a small Himo Z20, with 20" wheels, ideal for the city, weighing 49 lbs/22 kg, made of aluminum, with a 50-mile/80 km range, a 3-fold design, and a quiet motor. However, carrying its 22 kg/49 lbs without a handle can be a bit challenging.

I frequently visit the Indiegogo site, as Segway-Ninebot sells some of its new products in preview (Go-kart, Loomo, kickscooter). I explore the latest trends and concepts and notice that the starting prices are always very low before hitting the world market.

And there, I dreamt! My dream weighs 14 kg! It is the lightest and most sophisticated electric bike in existence today, with a launch price almost affordable for my wallet (2199 dollars or euros).

Photo credit: Urtopia

Carbon 1 & 1s 's features :

LED Dot Matrix display array screen

Voice Control, GPS navigation, Over-the-Air updates

Integrated 2 noise-canceling mics and 3W box speakers, and AI voice recognition technology, allowing you to communicate with and control your e-bike using your voice.

GPS location and smart connections: You can take control of your bike via the Urtopia app. The Urtopia GPS system informs you of the exact position of your Urtopia e-bike through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G connections.

OTA supported: e-bike can be upgraded and updated automatically.

Urtopia App: connect your Urtopia e-bike to your phone using the Urtopia app. You can take full control of your bike right at your fingertips.

Millimeter-wave radar: detects cars from behind and notifies you.

Gyroscope: monitors bike balance and notifies you in case of a fall, enhancing safety. The gyroscope can recognize if the e-bike is navigating steep slopes.

Fingerprint unlock, GPS anti-theft, and keyless unlock: unlock your Urtopia e-bike using your fingerprint or the Urtopia app on your phone. When locked, the Urtopia e-bike activates a guarding mode to prevent theft, along with GPS tracking to keep you informed about your bike's location.

Removable battery , battery range: Up to 130 km - Fast charge: 36V 4A charging, taking less than 2.5 hours for a full charge.

Charger: customized 36V / 4A charger.

Motor: customized 250 W rear hub motor with a built-in clutch: Unlike other e-bikes, this clutch reduces mechanical damping when powered off. Torque sensor + rear wheel hub motor.

5-speed modes: choose from 5-speed modes, including 4 levels of pedal assistance (Comfort, Eco, Sport, and Turbo modes). The e-bike automatically detects the need for speed changes and adds pedal assistance within 0.2 seconds accordingly. Activated with voice control too!

Tires: 35 mm 700C Urtopia customized tires, puncture-resistant.

Front and rear Hydraulic brake system: the hydraulic brake system ensures stable and reliable riding compared to mechanical brakes.

Carbon fiber frame, fork, and handlebars.

Gates carbon belt transmission: Durable, smooth, and quiet. No oily chain to deal with, and no maintenance required. The carbon belt can last up to 30,000 kilometers. If you download the belt manufacturer's application, you can measure its tension using the phone's microphone!

Lightweight: only 14kg/30lbs in weight for a standard 700C e-bike, Urtopia carbon e-bike is one of the lightest full size Ebike in the market.

Futuristic e-bike design: designed by former BMW i series designer Mathis Heller. Inspired by the concept of the Möbius strip which is a symbol of infinity and endless connection, Urtopia dedicates to recycling energy, reducing waste, as well as creating a greener future with infinite possibilities of exploration for all.

Carbon 1 & 1s 's specs

Release Year : 2022


3 patterns


14 kg

Rider height

2 sizes designed for riders with a height range from 165cm-200cm, the maximal weight-bearing is 110kg


2 year


Customized 250 W rear hub motor


10Ah, 360 WH Samsung battery

Battery range

Up to 130km


Customized 36V / 4A charger

Charging time

2.5 hours to get fully charged per time

Top speed

25 km/h (EU version )

32 km/h (US version)

Controlling method

Smartbar and app

Mobile app

iOS and Android


Bluetooth, 4G, Wifi


35 mm 700C

Urtopia customized tires

puncture-resistant tires


Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber


Gates carbon belt

last up to 30.000 km


Hydraulic braking system

I love all this technology! The rear headlight projects directional lights on the ground !

There, I dreamt !

This bike represents an improvement, an evolution in biking, where all the technology is combined to maximize the safety of both the cyclist and the bike. 

Numerous high-tech and specialized sites have discussed it since last November. It's noteworthy that this bike has gained support from top athletes, including champions—Americans, Germans (though no French ones?).

The difference between Carbon One and 1S :

Gearing :

Carbon 1S

Shimano Rear Drivetrain with ALIVIO Rear Derailleur

Carbon One

Gates Carbon Drive™ CDN™ belt

Weight :

Carbon 1S

35 lbs  /  15.8kg

Carbon One

35 lbs / 15kg

Torque :

Carbon 1S

 45 N·m

Carbon One

35 N·m

Photo credit: Urtopia

More details by visiting Urtopia website

My thanks to URTOPIA for their courtesy in allowing me to use their photos.

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